Pencil Colors

The Business Designer


This blog was started to organize my perspective when applying human-centric design theory to business strategy. I am a firm believer that a company can make better business decisions, build better business strategies, and maintain strong brand recognition when a company utilizes design as a primary business tool rather than an afterthought.  

You will also find many blog posts on this website about continuing education and the importance of creating a learning environment within your company or department. I am passionate about being an evangelist for change, and the only way to be successful at this is to immerse myself in education and research constantly.  

My design perspective has been molded through my 15+ years of experience in the design industry, where I have held roles as head designer, global product line manager, and business owner. My design and business experience have been focused on the garment industry and the tech industry. My design and business perspective have also been molded through my many years in business and design education and research.